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Common Breakfast Recipes for Vegetarians like You

An all-green diet will most likely be able to reduce your possibilities of acquiring dreadful diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart ailments. But one thing you must remember is that you should also try to feed yourself with fruits in order to maintain a well-balanced diet. Obviously, the only thing that you do not want to eat is meat of any kind if you are a vegetarian. Here are some common recipes you might want to include in your daily dietary plan.

Pancakes - There are available mixes for this food in your local grocery store. Use regular or soy milk instead of eggs. If you are not satisfied with the flavour, then try another brand the next time you cook pancakes since every brand tastes different from the other. Furthermore, fresh fruits such as banana, apple, or orange will augment the protein content of your meal.

Brown Rice Porridges - Mix a cup of cooked brown rice with a cup of milk in a pot. Add sweeteners like cinnamon or honey together with the dried fruit of your choice. Boil the mixture and then simmer for about 20 minutes until the porridge becomes creamy. This cuisine is ideal for a warm breakfast during the winter season.

Tofu Scrambles - This resembles a scrambled egg and is commonly found in most vegan meals. The essential factor in making this food delicious is to cook it until the excess water in the tofu evaporates and it is starting to display a brownish colour. Since tofu is flavourless per se, adding seasoning like pepper and garlic is ideal.

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However, there is no need to worry about where you can cook vegan dishes if you are on a holiday trip. There are bed and breakfast hotel accommodations that serve them for your morning meal, such as this website.

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